Food trip Sundays: Chili’s x Marciano’s

It was my Mom’s birthday last June 24 and she turned 20-something! Hahaha. Kidding. We are not allowed to reveal her real age. So after hearing mass, we headed to Greenbelt to have some lunch. Chili’s immediately came into my mind when they asked where I wanted to eat.

Bacon Ranch Quesadillas

Bacon + Quesadillas = Mouthwatering perfectiooown!!! :)) Well, anything with bacon is purrfect for me!

Grilled Chicken Caribbean Salad

Baby Back Ribs

Kathleen and I split this delicious plate of baby back ribs with fries and mashed potatoes on the side. Having it split into two plates was just enough for me.🙂

Beef Salpicao

I asked our waiter if they had a birthday cake that they can give to my Mom and this is what they gave her. I’m not sure what it is but the ice cream tastes great!

My parents were surprised when the waiters suddenly sang a birthday song for my Mom. Haha. Look how happy my Dad is! And check out the kuya on the side… nakikipamilya! hahaha

The birthday girl

Family picture❤

After lunch, my parents wanted to check out some furniture and Kathleen and I didn’t know where we wanted to go. Haha

Kathleen’s outfit shot. Ikaw na cute! :))

We decided to watch a movie! We hung out with our parents first while waiting for the movie because we are clingy like that. :)) And before we knew it, the movie was about to start!

We rushed to serenitea to grab ourselves some milk tea. Their service was superrr slow. So if I were you, I’d get my drink 30 minutes before the movie. The baristas moved really slow and gossiped while making the drinks as if the line was not long. Grabe! A lot of people were already standing outside and everyone was already annoyed.

Hokkaido Milk Tea

Since we were running late for the movie, I wasn’t able to take a photo of my milk tea on a table. I took this shot while rushing to our cinema. Hahaha

We watched Rock of the Ages, and honestly, it was a WASTE of my money. The movie was reaaally dragging. The story was blehh. The singing was mediocre. The only good thing about the movie was that Diego Boneta was really hot and that Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand were funny. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste their P220 on this movie.

After the movie, we strolled around the mall a little and decided to grab some dinner. Given that we are fans of John & Yoko, our parents suggested that we try Marciano’s from the same makers of John & Yoko. We ordered their Title Bout meal set.

Frutti di Mare

What I loved about this salad is that they were generous with the shrimp and their shrimp were pretty “macho”– meaning it was chunky and meaty and not the payatot bitin pretentious shrimp. Hahaha

Fish and Chips

I didn’t really like the fish and chips because it’s easy to get tired of the taste of the fish.

Woody Allen Linguine

Tenderloin with Sausage

The baked potato was great! I loved it.❤ Probably one of the best dishes in the meal set.

Bryant Pork Pizza

Thin crust pizza with oh-so-yummy cheese!

They said that Title Bout was their bestselling meal set and it reached my expectations, except that it wasn’t served hot.😐 I think everything would’ve tasted better if it was served hot.

Couple picture! :”>

There were paintings and artworks in their ceiling which was a nice touch.

I wanted to sit in the curtain area, but it’s only meant for two people. I guess it’s for couples having an intimate dinner. Nuxx! I need a boyfraaan so I can sit in that area. haha #not

My parents photobombing my photo of Marciano’s. :))

Happy Birthday, mother dear! Love you! :*

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