Resorts World: Stackers x Prom

Last February 26, 2012, Kathleen had her prom at Marriott. As usual, my Mom and I became her prep team! Hahaha. I did her hair and my mom did her make-up. We all did everything in a rush, but it turned out pretty well. After we dropped Kathleen and Elise at their prom, my Mom and I hung out at RW.

Hahaha. My Mom wanted to have a photo in front of the Republiq sign. Kala mo naman party girl! :))

We ate at Stackers Burgers since it’s near the cinemas.

Mom ordered the Burger Bowl. (Salad with a burger patty)

My Mom said it was unexpectedly good! Definitely going to order this for myself next time.

I ordered the Chicken Buffalo Ranch Burger.

It was pretty good, but I hate how it fell apart when I held it with my hands. Hahaha. You gotta use your hands when eating a burger!

And of course, a meal wouldn’t be complete without some coffee. Had to settle for McCafe because we were cost cutting… movies at RW are friggin’ expensive! Hahaha.

My Mom and I coincidentally wore a similar color scheme! Both of us were wearing gray cardigans! Haha. We watched Unofficially Yours because it was the only movie that fits our time frame. The movie was okay. We didn’t really like the shallowness of the story. Though, I have to say, Angel Locsin is friggin’ hot! And John Lloyd brought the comedy and drama to the movie very well. Naks! Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend the movie.

And this post wouldn’t be complete without the prom girls! Hahaha. Kathleen and Elise (adopted sister. haha) in their gowns! And my Mom feeling like a prom girl too! Haha.

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