Boracay 2013: Day 2

The second day of our Boracay stay was the most tiring one! Goodyear prepared half a day’s worth of challenges for all its dealers. We were divided into nine teams and we had to fulfill different challenges as a team. Wow lang!

Go sexy white, go!


It was my first time to try the zipline as part of the challenge. It felt bitin because the trip was a little short! Haha


Ay nako, Goodyear! Making us carry tires! Grabehan! Hahaha


Sexy White Team Photo!!❤


After the challenge, Kathleen and I decided to take a nap then we headed back to the beach for some afternoon swimming!



We had to rush out of the beachto catch the 3:30 PM shuttle going to Boracay’s Station 2, because as I said in my first post, our hotel was a bit far from the stations aka the gimmick areas!

Boracay_208 Bought ourselves some loco frio! Afternoon drinking, whut, whut?! Hahaha

Boracay_209 We walked around and tried to look for different food finds and ended up here in Hama because Kathleen and I were craving for some Japanese food!❤


Kathleen enjoying her loco friooo!!!

Boracay_212 Hama

This is what we ordered, and as usual, I forgot what it’s called. *cryyyy* It was sooo good that it really pains me that I forgot to take note of its name!😦 The small cuts of raw fish on top just won my heart!❤


The sushi roll is best enjoyed with some daiquiri!


After our hearty sushi roll snack, we walked around some more to look for some dessert! And we luckily found Lemoni Cafe! (Sorry for the ugly photo. That’s the cover of the cake we bought. I forgot to take a picture of the exterior of Lemoni Cafe because I was too busy enjoying their food!

Boracay_214We absolutely loved the walls of Lemoni Cafe which served as a canvass for the lovely paintings!


See the guy in the photo? His father started talking to us and told us that Lemoni Cafe has been part of the top 10 restaurants in the Philippines for three consecutive years already!!! And his father also recommended the Belgian chocolate truffle!Boracay_216

Boracay_217 Lemoni Cafe Boracay Apple Pie CrumbleLoved this Apple Pie Crumble! It wasn’t too sweet and it had a cinnamon kick!

Boracay_218 Lemoni Cafe Boracay Classic Lemon Tart

The Classic Lemon Tart was like a cupcake with a thin lemon icing on top and a bit of custard inside! Also a must try!

Boracay_219 Lemoni Cafe Boracay Chocolate Rum Ball

Especially loved this chocolate rum ball! If you want to indulge on chocolate, this is for you!

Boracay_220 Lemoni Cafe Boracay Coconut Rum BallThe coconut rum ball also tasted like the chocolate rum ball. But I still prefer the latter.🙂

Boracay_221 Super Submarine Boracay

We were really desperate to be able to try more food! So, while we were on our way to the hotel shuttle line, we passed by the super submarine shop and grabbed a sub!

Boracay_222 Super Submarine Boracay Tuna Sub with Bacon

The Tuna Sub with Bacon tasted amazing! We ate it at the hotel while we drank our remaining loco frio!

Boracay_223 Lemoni Cafe Belgian Chocolate Flourless CakeAnd finally, our last but definitely not the least food find, the Belgian Chocolate Truffle which was recommended to us by the “tito” seated next to us at Lemoni Cafe. Hahaha. We were actually quite hesitant to follow his advice but damnnn thank you Tito Stranger for talking to us and recommending this to us! Foodgasm to the highest level, guys! It was like heaven was just in my mouth. It was the best P250 that I have ever spent!!! Gotta go back to Boracay to get some more!


I don’t usually take “#selfies”, but this is proof of how much I enjoyed the Belgian Chocolate Truffle!❤❤❤


Boracay_225 Fire dancers

What is Boracay without the fire dancers, right?
Boracay_226 Fire dancers

We had our little private fire dance show with the Goodyear people.

Boracay_227 Fire dancers


We also had Giselle Sanchez to entertain us during the night!Boracay_229 Giselle SanchezSuch a funny lady! Definitely enjoyed the night!

Boracay 2013: Day 1


Summer is here again and one of everyone’s favorite summer destinations is Boracay! My last visit on this island was approximately six to seven years ago, I think. Hahaha. I was still in high school and a complete nube on all the activities that Boracay has to offer. This time around, though, my sister and I knew what we wanted to do. So unlike our last visit, we took the plane going to Kalibo because my parents got traumatized by the small size of the plane going to Caticlan… and they were scared that all four of us would die in a plane crash. Hahaha. Yes, my parents are that paranoid. Anyway, the trip from Kalibo airport to our hotel was sooooo long. We had to take all kinds of transportation!!! From the plane we took a bus, then a banka, another bus, and another banka, and then a shuttle. That’s how farrr it was!

This was our welcoming committee before we rode the banka. Too sexy for my eyes! Hahahaha


Dumedelegate si Kyla!!! Hahahaha. They gave us name tags that we didn’t really use during our stay. Haha



Kathleen’s emote/hipstaaa photo! Hahahaha


Just love the clear waters of Boracay!


When we got to our hotel, we immediately had our lunch because we were staaaarving from our superrr long trip! Imagine waking up at 4am and only getting to your destination at around 2pm. Haggardo Versoza! Anyway, Kathleen and I went to our room- and might I just say that I’m really thankful that we were given our own room away from our parents- and we had some rest then we immediately headed to the beach!!!


This is how the beach looked like! Even if I hated how farrr from the stations our hotel was, its only plus side is that it was as if we had our own little private beach- away from everyone else! Only the residents and guests of the hotel have access to the beach. Which meant that it was cleaner compared to the whole station 1 to 3 stretch and there were fewer people to judge your body! Hahahaha. So I had the chance to rock my not-so-beach-ready body! Please don’t judge me. Hahahaha


Hi guizeee! This was before I showed off my not-so-beach-ready-body! Hahaha


Boracay’s sand really IS whiter and finer!


After soaking ourselves in the lovely saltwaters of Boracay, we had to prep up for the cocktail party at night. Forgive my face, I was already too tired and sleepy. Haha


Several speakers presented what lies ahead for us Goodyear Dealers which I tried my best to listen to…promise, I tried my best but failed miserably! Hahaha. My body clock just shuts down my senses when it hits 8pm! Haha. Goodyear also invited Coach Chot Reyes, the coach of the Pilipinas Basketball Team, to give us inspirational talk. He was really good, and indeed very inspiring! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of him because I was too busy trying to stay awake. Hahahaha.

More photos on my Boracay 2013: Day 2 blog! And I promise its more interesting. Hahaha

Traffic? Instagram that sh*t!


I was driving last night from Cavite going to Taft, and as usual, hello Bacoor traffic! It’s pretty annoying, especially when you just wanna go home and have some rest. So instead of dwelling on the fact that I’m stuck in traffic, it dawned on me that I should Instagram this sh*t! Hahaha. (Is it pathetic that I have to substitute and asterisk for a letter in a bad word? Ano ka Kyla, grade school? Haha.) Anyway, my phone doesn’t really take the best quality photos but I was pretty entertained with compiling “Traffic photos.” Haha


What annoys me the most is how people hog the road! You’re just casually driving along the pot-hole infested roads of Cavite and the next thing you know there are now three lanes and you don’t know whether you should follow the faster third lane or be a good Filipino citizen and stick to your lane. Haha. I just wanna honk at everyone who tolerates the third lane! It makes the other lanes even more traffic because they only have one lane to use! So inconsiderate!


Coastal road! I don’t wanna reduce my speed because the freakin’ green light only goes on for a few seconds. Gas up, Kyla!


Head lights from the cars behind me which are visible from my side mirror.



The sucky-est thing about Macapagal is that the roads are perfectly wide-open but it has a 60kph speed limit. Boo! It’s quite hard to maintain your speed at 60kph. Sometimes, I become really bored with maintaining a 60kph speed that I calculate in my head how many kilometers I’ll get ahead of the other cars if I maintain my speed at a constant 60kph. Hahaha. But what’s good about Macapagal is that the traffic lights have a countdown so you know when you have to stop texting. Haha. I wish they would install wifi synced with the traffic lights. It goes on the moment the red light flashes and goes off when the green light flashes, so I can Instagram the traffic conditions. Wow. #KunyariCaringCitizen Hahaha


I’m glad I was able to entertain myself during traffic. Hahaha

The Dining Room (Gourmet Farms)

We visited my uncle in the Manila Memorial (Dasmarinas) Cemetery last November 3, 2012. We wanted our visit to be quiet and solemn so we decided to avoid the crowd and visit after all soul’s day. We just prayed the rosary, lit some candles, and had a bit of chit chat with my uncle.


It was a really hot day! So my Dad had the urge to eat some ice cream. Good thing the mobile ice cream vendor passed by! Kathleen and I shared a Cheese Popsicle from the Pinoy Sorbetes line of Selecta, if I’m not mistaken.

After spending a little more time with my departed uncle, we then decided to have a healthy lunch at The Dining Room (Gourmet Farms).



They have a salad bar with many fresh ingredients to choose from!


Mom and Dad’s Salad


Kathleen’s salad, which I also ate. Hehe


Mommy’s Order: Baked Salmon with Mashed Potatoes

Gourmet's_The Dining Room Burger

Daddy’s Order: The Dining Room Burger

Gourmet's_Chicken Parmigiana with Pesto Pasta

My Order: Chicken Parmigiana with Pesto Pasta

I originally ordered Chicken Parmigiana with Mashed Potatoes but they said they didn’t have mashed potatoes anymore! (which they lied about because Kathleen and my Mom were served with mashed potatoes. Booo!) So I agreed to have Pesto Pasta because I thought I didn’t have a choice, and to be honest about it the Pesto Pasta tasted like paper with oil. I’m not saying this because I wanted mashed potatoes, but it really tasted bad. I was so disappointed because I love Gourmet’s and their food is amazing. So guys, avoid ordering the Pesto Pasta!!! But, the chicken parmigiana was great! They were very generous with the tomato sauce which brought out the flavor of the chicken and the melted cheese.

Being a family of coffee-lovers, a meal is never complete without coffee! So, we walked a few steps and had some coffee at the Gourmet Cafe.


Took some pictures on their brick wall!🙂



With my pa-cute parents! Hahaha

Gourmet's_Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake

One of the best Blueberry Cheesecakes I’ve ever tasted! It wasn’t too sweet and the blueberries tasted fresh. My parents don’t like indulging in cake, but they enjoyed devouring this one! That’s how delicious it was!



Kathleen ordered this, but I had a few bites! Haha. Just like the blueberry cheesecake, it was beautifully made. Not too sweet, but just enough to make you wanting for more!

Gourmet's_Cafe Latte

Cappuccino for four, please!🙂

The best way to enjoy dessert is with a cup of hot coffee! Heaven in my mouth!❤


Hi Mommy!

A day well-spent with my family over some coffee!🙂

A rainy week in Taft


Haven’t blogged in a long while… Sorry for that. I’ve been, uhmm, really busy. Anyway, these photos were taken during the Habagat (Low Pressure Area). We all thought that classes were going to be suspended for a day, but the flood in Taft was unexpectedly high that the roads were unpassable so classes were suspended for about a week. So here’s how we survived…


Hollys Caramel Cafe Latte

Hollys Matcha Green Tea Hollyccino

Banana Chocochip Muffin (best served hot!)

Our condo’s window… I was trying to capture the darkness covering Manila, but I wasn’t able to do so.


Starbucks Cafe Latte

Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks Mocha Sansrival

On a lighter note, I got a 100 on my first quiz in SYSDYNA under Ms. Velasco! :O Sooo happy!


Hello, darkness!

Tea Stack Coffee Rock Salt and Cheese

Flipped Oreo Cheesecake Cookie

So we pretty much survived with coffee and unhealthy food. Hahaha. Our Mom is a girl scout so she always stacks our ref with home-cooked meals so we didn’t really have a hard time scavenging for food. Though, we checked out the 7/11 on the ground floor of our condo just to see what was going on… when we got there they were already running out of supplies because they had to cater to two buildings. Uh-oh! So yeah, thank you Mom for providing us food. Hahaha.

P.S.: I miss Taft fooood!!! Huhuhu. And my Taft lifestyle.😥 Take me back!!!


Foodtrip Sundays in Taft



After approximately two to three weeks of being stuck at home/office, I finally got the chance to go back to my second home and spend the weekend in Taft. My Saturday was pretty busy, but my Sunday was dedicated to spending time with my sister.❤ We attended the 9am mass, and then we went back to the condo to take a nap. Hahaha. I watched the boxing match while my sister caught up with her sleep. And then we went to Yellowcab to grab an early lunch. I’ve been drooling over the Breakfast meals of Yellowcab ever since they launched it, and I was finally able to try it! I ordered the Packet Pizza with coffee meal.



Cafe Americano

Their coffee tasted pretty good, not on a commercialized coffee shop level, but on a decent home-made brewed coffee- which was nice.


Bacon, Mango, and Egg Packet Pizza

I was pretty excited to taste the goodness of Bacon and Egg on the packet pizza, afterall, you can never go wrong with bacon! But to my dismay, the mango ruined the meaty goodness of the bacon. First, the mango was not made of real mangoes. It was a friggin’ mango jam- A MANGO JAM!!! So misleading! They should have written in the poster that it was a MANGO JAM and not a real mango fruit. Ughhh! Second, the mango jam was to sweet that you can’t even taste the bacon and egg. Yellowcab, please fix this. The three ingredients should blend together, not overpower each other! And it doesn’t even taste like pizza.😐



We also ordered Tomato Cream Soup and Twice Baked Potato halves, but I was too hungry to take photos. Hahaha

After our hearty lunch, we went to Mercury Drug to buy some meds for my sister.

Thank goodness there’s finally a mercury drug in Taft! Now, students don’t have to worry in finding quality medicine when they get sick away from the comfort of their mother’s arms. Hahaha. #drama

After that, we chilled out in Bon AppeTea- a milk tea place in Estrada Street, Taft.




Melange Milk Tea

The milk tea was a bit too sweet for me. I think they need to ask their customers on the sugar level of the milk tea. The place was pretty chill- with wifi, a flat screen mounted on the wall, and comfy couches.

My QT 3.14 sister, drinking her milk tea. I miss you.❤


Foodtrip Sundays: Cafe Breton x John and Yoko


Another one of our Sunday food escapades…

We had breakfast at Cafe Breton because we arrived a little too early at Greenbelt.

Of course I had to order my new coffee favorite- Cafe au lait.🙂

Chai Tea Latte

Galette Marrakech

I’m more used to the dessert type of Crepe and I always thought that the savory crepes are gross, but after trying the Galette Marrakech, I am now a fan of savory crepes. The egg, sausage, tomatoes, onions, and the crepe itself all blended well in my mouth.

Kathleen’s order: Hamburcrepe

Mom’s order: Chicken Run

Such a lovely breakfast with my lovely family.❤ Hihihi. I wasn’t able to take a photo of my Dad’s order because he dug into it right away. :))

After our heavenly breakfast at Cafe Breton, we went furniture shopping which was our main agenda for the day.


Well, our furniture shopping ate a lot of our time and effort so we decided to have our lunch at John and Yoko. If you would remember my family loooves John and Yoko Alabang, but we HATE the Greenbelt branch because of their bad service. Still, my Dad insisted to eat there because he was craving for some Japanese food.


We Found Nemo Sushi Plate

We always HAVE to order this whenever we eat at John and Yoko.😉

Bacon Wrapped Dory

I personally liked it, but my sister said that it was a bit too salty. I guess the saltiness of the bacon overpowered the dory instead of blending together.

Kathleen’s order: Beef Niku Udon


I forgot what this dish is called.:/ Galing ko talaga! Haha. I think it was grilled salmon (?)

Katsudon Ramen

A new discovery for me! The Ramen was just perfect with the egg, seaweed, and of course the Katsudon. Definitely a must try! The serving is good for two people, but I would’ve been able to finish the whole bowl if only I wasn’t too stuff with sushi.

Mango and Strawberry Flambe

We don’t really order dessert, but John and Yoko Greenbelt was kind enough to offer us a free dessert! Thanks to my Mom’s powers (she told the manager about our previous bad experience with them and warned them not to disappoint us again), we got free dessert and a long overdue apology from their staff. What a nice way to win our hearts back!🙂